Hues Books is a tiny publishing site for one author – me! I’m Patricia Hughes. My books are all about facts: no children’s books or novels so far, not even detective stories! To my mind, truth really IS much stranger than fiction! And I’ve only got two themes so far: Anne Lister is the first.


At Leeds University I did a BA in German with Honours, then I did Modern Languages Teaching for a few years, but a local ‘no redundancy’ policy didn’t allow a permanent job. When Warwick University was offering a two-year MA in Politics, I’d just discovered the Journals of Anne Lister (1791-1840) of Halifax. The Lecturer in charge of the project needed help in transcribing the secret codes in the journals. My linguistic and translating experience came in handy; I was given two years to do as much as I could. That was November 1986-October 1988. Afterwards the Anne Lister books on this website gradually emerged. Yes, Anne was a lesbian. She was also an attractive, lively, intelligent woman finding her own way in this difficult world, just like you and me.


My second theme - - -    But if you’re IRISH stop here! Blindfold your eyes and cover your ears – this is VERBOTEN! (Not sure if that’s Irish…)


The entire government in the Republic of Ireland is trying to silently suppress everything that I’ve written about William Butler Yeats and Honor Bright! I’m telling the truth about their tragic love affair, why he wrote poems about 'Leda', about her murder, and why he had to reject his first-born son. Students of Yeats don’t hear about this. The Garda has drawn a web of silence around it. Remember William Geary? He won his case for wrongful dismissal from the Garda after 70 years,. And the recent case of Barry Cowen? The Taioseach (First Minister) said that Minister Cowen's driving offence was "not quite as portrayed" by the Garda. Well, Honor Bright WAS murdered by the Garda at the command of the Head of the Free State 95 years ago. The Irish government may hate me making this public, but neither they nor the Yeats family have ever tried to deny it.

But there’s no web of silence in the rest of the world. You can order all my books here, even the ones that other publishers call 'offensive', or by ISBN from any bookshop.

(No they're not 'offensive'. They're about 13-year-olds having a love affaair when the age of consent for girls was 12; about the way of life of a Yorkshire heiress; about the life of beautiful, rich Indian women in England when the British Empire was at its peak...)

Happy reading! And by all means send me your comments!


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