Who Killed Honor Bright?

Who Killed Honor Bright?


Kevin O'Higgins, Head of State and Minister for Justice, followed the inaccurate advice of Senator William Butler Yeats's wife, that his extra-marital lover was a spy. He hired a Garda Superintendent to murder Honor Bright, then arranged a kangaroo court organised by his notorious G-Squad commander, David Neligan. Read about these true events in the Irish Free State in 1925.


Garda Supt Dillon was under contract to murder Honor Bright as a spy, having been hired by the Minister for Justice to conceal  Senator William Butler Yeats' extra-marital lover. He then hired Detective Chief Supt Colonel David Neligan to silence witnesses and give false evidence about her at  a kangaroo court.
Find out about the corruption of the Irish Free State, and also covert personal events in Yeats' later life. In his poetry he tells the truth.

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